We create a great tasting premium popcorn using the time aged cultural tradition of naturally cultured (fermented) foods such as: kimchi, old world style garlic dill pickles, sauerkraut, etc. The true genius of Popped Culture not only lies in the process of creating complex flavors, but also in the fact that it's actually good for you. Naturally cultured foods carry the benefits of probiotics, and these probiotics are maintained so that you are putting something beneficial into your body when you eat our popcorn. For this reason we like to think of Popped Culture as your S.W.B. – your Snack With Benefits. Unlike a F.W.B. feel free to indulge in Popped Culture with no regrets the next day.

Popped Culture is a REAL FOOD product that contains no additives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial ingredients, EVER. When you crack open a bag of our Garlic Dill Pickle Popcorn you are getting popcorn - and every bit of that naturally cultured garlic dill pickle. We don't believe in mimicking flavors in a lab, which leads to poor imitations that never quite live up to the unique flavor experience that is produced through fermentation. What you see is what you get.