Popped Culture aims to change the way you think about snack food, particularly popcorn and naturally fermented foods. We pushed the boundaries of that mission and came up with the innovative idea of combining these two vastly different food items to create POPPED CULTURE: small batch, artisanal popcorn that uses the complex flavors & benefits of cultured foods as the foundation for our popcorn. We want to bring a refreshing, and much needed, holistic perspective to the current snack food landscape.

The idea for Popped Culture blossomed where most genius ideas happen. It was an hour past midnight and I was in the kitchen - stomach grumbling. For some perspective, let's get a little back story going here. (Cue flashback scene). As a lover of (almost) all things fermented I keep an abundance of the stuff in my home; everything from kimchi to kombucha. Well, sometimes a love affair can be overwhelming, so much so that I had run out of space to store my cultured foods in the refrigerator! So I came up with a creative solution: dehydrate and grind. This revolutionized my perspective on the uses and applications of these cultured foods in their dried form (end flashback scene). So fast forward to me doing the late night solo shuffle we all do in the kitchen as we move back-and-forth-from-cabinet-to- refrigerator-to-pantry looking for something to eat. I laid eyes on a jar of popcorn kernels and a bolt of clarity struck me – KIMCHI POPCORN!!! Okay, it wasn't quite a bolt, but the gears churned and I broke out my pot and popped up a bowl of popcorn. Then I adorned this freshly popped pile of crunchy corn with kimchi powder and the heavens opened and church bells rang. Okay, okay...I may be exaggerating. But you'll have to forgive me; it was 1:00 A.M. This late night snack session turned into an anytime snack obsession where I experimented with more flavors, and shared with friends. With their encouragement I bring to you Popped Culture, from my bowl to yours. Enjoy!